Self-Mastery & Authentic Communication With The Enneagram

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SkillsFutureThis program offers a powerful and dynamic personality system that describes nine distinct and fundamentally different patterns of thinking, feeling and acting. The tool enables individuals within organizations to understand their own and others’ motivations and behavior patterns, and to communicate and work more effectively with each other. You will never look at each other the same way after this workshop

The word “ennea” is Greek for nine and “gram” means model or figure. Hence, the Enneagram is a diagram or star with nine points representing the nine personality patterns. Each of these nine patterns is based on an explicit set of perceptual filters that determine our worldview. Underneath each of the nine patterns is a basic proposition or belief about what you need in life for survival and satisfaction.

Offering a framework for personal and organizational transformation, the Enneagram encourages personal responsibility, supports continuous improvement and fosters open communication. The Enneagram is effective in many business and organizational applications, including teambuilding, executive coaching, performance enhancement, communication skills, motivation, time management, negotiation, training and development. The Enneagram demonstrates different points of view, strengths, limitations and communication styles for each of the helps team members learn how to prevent and handle conflicts, work with their blind spots and become more effective leaders. As you discover your personality type and the underlying basic proposition, you also will discover what motivates you, your coping strategy and keys to personal development.

The style of this workshop takes into consideration all the 9 types in class where each becomes part of a panel and certain questions will be asked by the audience as to what, why and how they operate their life and what makes them different from the other types. The sole purpose is to appreciate the other types and understand others’ strengths and potential areas of growth.

Attendees of this workshop claim that they have never known so much about themselves from a single workshop. The learning will help you explore deep patterns of thinking, beliefs, behaviors and values and what led you to become the way you are. The most valuable takeaway is the acquiring information on whether you are living on the resourceful side of your life right now or not and if it is the latter, this workshop will offer a roadmap for making a complete turnaround.

Participants Will Learn

  • Understand the key Features of the nine Enneagram Styles.
  • Identify Unconscious Patterns that trigger Reactions and Drive one’s life.
  • Practice how to read Behaviors and predict possible Outcomes.
  • Understand our Predispositions to Conflict and how they Trigger people in different ways.
  • Gain Clarity on our Communication Blind spots and enhance Communication through the Understanding of our Differences.
  • Learn how to give Effective Feedback to different kinds of people because each of the 9 types want to receive it differently.
  • Understand the Importance of Facing up to Difficult Situations and how to Effectively get your point across.
  • Learn the deeper Nuances of your Profile and draft an Action Plan towards Resourceful behaviors.
  • Understand all the Personalities around you so that you Listen with Compassion, Awareness and Understanding.