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How does Enneagram work, and how useful is it?

In the early 1900s, the Enneagram was created to depict the human mind. It was developed by more contemporary philosophers and initially employed nine interrelated personality categories to understand people. Even though the most popular Enneagram is currently understood to be a personality type, it is more accurate to consider it a dynamic system.To put […]

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The Enneagram provides a precise understanding of human behavior and motivations we might not be aware of. A vibrant nine-type framework called the Enneagram explores the “whys” of human behavior. To assist us in paying attention while we go out in our daily lives, it seeks to increase our awareness of ourselves and others. The […]

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what is ennegram
What is Enneagram of personality ?

Originating from the Greek word [Ennéa = Nine] and Gram that represents a diagram, Enneagram of Personality means nine categorizations of interrelated personalities represented in a diagram.   Enneagram is a tool to assess one’s personality type based upon core fears and core desires. The flow of the enneagram ensures nine basic personality types that are […]

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How We Stay Stuck in Our Styles: Schema Maintenance, Avoidance, and Compensation

How We Stay Stuck in Our Styles: Schema Maintenance, Avoidance, and Compensation by Jerome Wagner, Ph.D. Once we establish our personality styles or paradigms to help us apprehend and navigate around the world, we can either keep them pliant, flexible, accommodating, and up to date; or we can rigidly maintain them, assimilating everything into them, […]

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